What Is A Boutique Brokerage?

Thursday Apr 6th, 2017


There are many definitions of what a boutique brokerage is, but when it comes to Manor Hill Realty, we know exactly what we are.  Different! We are not your typical 'big box' real estate company where every agent is offered the exact same courtesies which then translates into clients receiving the exact same services. Nope, we are different.  We are a business that offers customized service to our realtors and to our clients. Each one of our realtors receives... [read more]

To Buy First Or To Sell First, That Is The Question

Friday Mar 31st, 2017


When it comes to buying or selling first, we would generally advise our clients that putting your house up for sale while looking for a new home would be a good strategy in lining up a purchase and a sale.  Essentially, you only have one property to sell and multiple properties to choose from to purchase.  So if you had to do one first, selling would be the logical choice.  Not only would you be in a position of knowledge for your personal financial situation, but... [read more]