To Buy First Or To Sell First, That Is The Question

Friday Mar 31st, 2017


When it comes to buying or selling first, we would generally advise our clients that putting your house up for sale while looking for a new home would be a good strategy in lining up a purchase and a sale.  Essentially, you only have one property to sell and multiple properties to choose from to purchase.  So if you had to do one first, selling would be the logical choice.  Not only would you be in a position of knowledge for your personal financial situation, but... [read more]

The Call Out - Episode 1 - Current Trend of Reducing Commission

Thursday Dec 5th, 2019


The current trend that I've been seeing for the last little while now is this idea that if a Listing Brokerage is to show a buyer one of their listed properties and that buyer ends up buying that specific property with another Brokerage, then the Listing Brokerage is automatically going to reduce the commission that is being offered to the Co-operating Brokerage.  Here are my thoughts on this ... To the Listing Agents, it is your duty to sell that property. Who are you really... [read more]



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