What Is A Boutique Brokerage?

Thursday Apr 06th, 2017


There are many definitions of what a boutique brokerage is, but when it comes to Manor Hill Realty, we know exactly what we are.  Different!

We are not your typical 'big box' real estate company where every agent is offered the exact same courtesies which then translates into clients receiving the exact same services. Nope, we are different.  We are a business that offers customized service to our realtors and to our clients. Each one of our realtors receives support based on their individual needs - we tailor to our agents so that they have everything they need to create customized services for their clients.  There are no limits!

Just as the word 'boutique' suggests, we specialize in something, and that something is all things real estate.  We don't let you wander through the world of real estate alone; we give you personalized attention to create quality strategies for what you want and what you need.  The best part? It's at no added cost!

Big brands may dominate in advertising, but we, as a boutique brand, like to think that we dominate in strong client service and superior quality.

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